"...if you ever try the sweet water from Vrana Lake, you shall surely return..."

PLAVNIK- an uninhabited island on the south-eastern entrance in Srednja vrata, between Cres and Krk. The length of the longer axis of the island is 6,3 km, while the above seal level reaches 194m. The island of Plavnik, exposed to severe brunts of wind of the eastern and southern quadrants, has a very poor vegetation image (mostly macchia). The whiteheaded vultures and several species of game. This Kvarner island is supposed to receive the status of a special reserve.

ZEČA- an uninhabited island west of the south half of Cres. The highest hill is 67m high. Zeča was formerly used for sheep as a pasture. In recent times the island is inhabited by rabbits and wild boars. During summer many excursionists-swimmers come here from Martinšćica and other coastal stationaries.