"...if you ever try the sweet water from Vrana Lake, you shall surely return..."

There is a diving school in Cres during the summer season and it is located at the camp site of Kovacine. Diving equipment may be rented here and diving cylinders filled.

There is a diving school in Mali Losinj, in the Cikat cove, which also works mainly during summer months.

The filling of cylinders and organizing of diving excursions is done mainly in two diving bases. The first is situated not far from the bridge at Privlaka, while the other base is in the small port of St. Martin. Besides the services already mentioned, in these bases you can get information on the best diving locations and other necessary data.


What is important to know before going on a diving excursion: it is nexessary to go to the police station and ask for eventual special diving conditions in particular areas. This and many other interesting and important information on diving around our islands is best found out in one of the diving centers (compressor stations for filling diving bottles with air), located in Cres and Mali Losinj. It is possible to organize diving excursions from these centers, and receive instructions for undergoing independent excurstions. The diving excurstions mentioned here represent only a small part of what can be experienced and seen under the surface of the sea.

On the island of Cres, south of the bay of Porozine (ferryboat wharf), there is the Smardeca cove, and the next cove to the south is the first diving spot. Here, at a depth of 20 to 40m, there is a steamer that was sunk in the baginning of this century. Along the shoreline itself, at a depth of only 2m there is an opening to an underwater cave.

The cave of Zakenje is located north of Cres and hides in its depths an underwater wall which slopes downward from a depth of 10 meters to 40 meters.

The islets of Veli and Mali Cutin are located on the eastern side of the island of Cres and certainly represent the most attractive diving zone, but because of the distance from safe coves (the nearest are Ul and Punta Kriza), it is best to go on this excursion with a larger boat and accompanied by a guide.

In front of the port of Unij, near the islet of Skoljic, there is a sunken iron ship which presents a true attraction for diving and photographing.

Near Margarina, on the island of Susak, there is a submerged wall which goes from 15 to 45 m deep.

On the southwestern cape of the islet of Male Srakane there is a very interesting underwater cave which penetrates deeply inland.

Southeast of the islet of Zabodarski, at the exit from the port of mali Losinj, there is an underwater wall (15-40m).

Swimming southeast of the cape of Kraljevac, on the islet of Koludarac, approx. 100m to the west, you come to a chasm and underwater cave.

At the exit of the Cikat Cove, at Madona Cape, there is also a nice diving area.

North of the sea channel Privlaka (movable bridge), around the cape of Runjica, there are beautiful underwater rocks.

East of the sea channel Privlaka there is an underwater wall. You can reach it by swimming out about 50m from the shore.

The northern and southern capes, upon leaving the cove od Krivica, are pleasant diving excursions, and along the coastline itself there are numerous cracks and holes which represent excellent shelters for fish.

At the head (end) of the break-water in Rovenska, near Veli Losinj, not far from the shore, the sea bottom abruptly descends to a depth of 48m.