"...if you ever try the sweet water from Vrana Lake, you shall surely return..."

General warnings:

* By all means take care not to knock down the dry stone walls (gromace) that have been there for a span of a thousand years. If any rock does fall down, put it back into its place.
* You will frequently come upon wooden gates (zatoke). Please mind to shut them behind you.
* Do not, in any case, build fires out in the wilderness.
* Do not foul the outdoors with trash.
* When on a longer hike, take water in a flask because fruit juice packings frequently end up in the bushes. You will see that pure island water is thetrue solution for your thirst.
* When encountering an animal, act naturally, which means do not make quick and nervous moves but calm down and watch.
* Do not throw stones into the ponds because they are still used for watering animals.
* If you have a dog with you, do not let it off its leash if it is not used to sheep because otherwise it will make the sheep stampede and injure themselves.
* Do not follow unknown trails, many have been abandoned and are not suitable for use. If you do use a trail that is not well marked, try to mark it with a twig or stone formation to be able to return safely.
* Respect the signs on the entries to natural reservations. Ignoring such rules, besides being a violation of law and subject to penalties, also means that you are being destructive to a part of nature that has been preserved.
* If you go on a boat excursion, listen to the weather forecast beforehand.
* Do not go on a boat excursion if you are not qualified for it, in other words, if you do not have the appropriate permit.
* Do not go fishing if your permit is not valid. You may acquire one through the authorized tourist agencies.
* Do not undertake diving excursions if you do not have the required permit which is issued by the police station in Cres and Mali Losinj.