"...if you ever try the sweet water from Vrana Lake, you shall surely return..."

Porozine is one of the busiest ferry ports in the Adriatic.

The local monastery of third-rowers (Glagolitics), now in ruins, was built in the 15th century, same as St. Nikola's church. The Cres nobleman Bartul Bokina donated for building sacral buildings. The monastery in Porozina was "repeatedly slaved and looted, once even half burnt down..." in the 16th century. There was "a spacial housing (foresteria) for the new comers..." next to the monastery. It is easy to conclude from the quotation stated above that the bargementransporters had a lot of work in the narrowest section of the Vela vrata pass long before a ferry line was established. These carriers were from Cres and Krk. It is also obvious that the passengers were offered food and board in the nearby catering establishment.