"...if you ever try the sweet water from Vrana Lake, you shall surely return..."

Leaving behind the Port of Porozina, the road leads us to the island's highest point, the 650m high Hill of Sis. Taking a left turn, we descend to a village called Beli- a hilltop surrounded by green vegetation and clusters of houses. Underneath the village there is a 130m high cliff, the sea, a small harbour, and a pebble beach. The town draws its roots from pre-historic times, being mentioned even as early as 4000 B.C., while the fortified wall protecting the town's exposed northern part speaks of the town's long history. That is why the Romans gave the town the name "Caput Insulae", which evolved into Caisole. This tradition of having dual names, represents a virtue that shuld be cherished and preserved. The Croatian version of the name - Beli, stems from the time of Bela IV. who sought refuge here from the conquering Tartar hordes. Entering this particular microcosm, one gets the impression that some hidden internal clock has been ticking away for centuries, marking the rhythms of time and life. Witnesses to this are the remains of the Roman period and the fortifications of the Middle-Ages, the Roman-Gothic style churches, old balconies, house facades and decor, and the Glagolic inscriptions on the tombstones. Especially impressive is the cemented area situated on a slope, similar in appereance to an amphitheatre, and surrounded by seats made of stone. This was a place where villagers met, a sort of a town square, the lone remnant of the ancient and short-lived democracy when Beli was an independent commune around the year 1000 A.D.

Beli is an ideal spot for anyone that wants to spend his vacation in a peaceful atmosphere and in harmony with nature. Here the locals will offer you their hospitality in clean and tidy rooms, while there is also a well-kept camping site for camping enthusiasts by the beach.